Will my story be public?
Some stories submitted will be selected to be illustrated by an artist. Other stories may be used in a variety of ways to highlight the impact of neuromuscular disease and the work done at MDA. For more information, please read the [Terms and Conditions].

How old do I need to be to submit a story?
There is no age limit to participate, and we encourage people of all ages to share their story. Children younger than age 17 need to work with their parent or legal guardian to submit a story.

Does my story need to be true?
Yes, we are looking for real, true, and accurate stories that depict a moment in time in your life. While it may be tempting to elaborate, we are looking for the raw, truthful details. Your story is powerful just the way it is!

If my story is selected to be illustrated, what happens next?
A representative from MDA will be in touch to coordinate the next steps, which include connecting you with an artist who will bring your story to life through illustration.

What happens to my story if it is not selected?
MDA hopes to showcase these stories in many ways. For more information, please read the [Terms and Conditions].

Where will I find the stories that are illustrated?
These stories will be shared on the MDA website and through a variety of public platforms, including social media, etc. For more information, please read the [Terms and Conditions].

What if I want to share a story that doesn’t fall into the story categories?
The categories were designed to give several areas of focus to guide storytellers. We encourage those interested to pick within the category that best fits, but if it’s slightly outside the scope, please feel free to still submit! We welcome stories of all focus areas.

Can I change my story after I submit it?
Once they are submitted, stories cannot be changed. We encourage storytellers to think through the most important details before drafting and submitting, to ensure all important information is included.

Can I submit multiple stories?
We would encourage you to think through the most impactful moment in your story to submit. If you have more than one that falls within the same or several categories, multiple entries will be accepted.

Who can submit a story?
Any member of the neuromuscular disease community can submit a story. This includes people living with a diagnosis, family members, caregivers, volunteers, or others connected to an impacted family.